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Graduated from Art High School with a specialization in sculpture, during my subsequent in-depth studies in the world of art and design, I had the opportunity to learn about and experiment with different artistic expressions, but always with a particular attraction and propensity for materiality and three-dimensionality. ThereMy attention is thus focused on the research of materials and clay becomes the absolute protagonist of all my production.


My name is Laura, I live and work in the Bergamo countryside, in northern Italy. ​In 2017, during my training as a ceramist, from a desire to reconnect with nature and the elements that compose it, Materica was born .


My approach to ceramics was immediately clear,instinctive and essential.

In my small studio, surrounded by greenery, I take care of every single aspect and detail of the long process of making ceramics, where the fundamental rule is to do everything following the slow rhythm dictated by the clay.  

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